Blessed Sacrament Parish

Blessed Sacrament Parish

“Ubi Caritas et Amor est, Deus Ibi est”

Cornwall, Ontario

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June 2022


 First Holy Communion Celebration 2022

We will be celebrating the Sacrament of the Fist

Holy Communion with the students from Sacred

Heart School on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of

June. Time is 5:00pm and 12:15pm respectively.

We congratulate the candidates and their families.

PARISH BREAKFAST AND Freewill Offering: June 5th Sunday: Mass is at 10:00am


Please kindly mark your calendars.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Good morning everyone!
































































































































































































































































 We want to announce that we will be making reservations for our Christmas Masses to make sure that we do not have more than we can accommodate at each of the Masses. We will have 3 Masses.
































































































































Christmas Eve: 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm.
































































































































Christmas Day: 10:00 am.
































































































































You can leave a voicemail telling us the time of the Mass you would love to attend and how many people are reserving the seat for. Please let us know if you and your group would like to sit together in one pew. You can also send us email with the above details.
































































Wishing everyone a joyful and grace-filled Christmas.

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































       Good evening beloved sisters and brothers in Christ. 

      I hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe. There is no doubt that we are  still in a very difficult and trying time. There is no doubt also that we are doing everything we can to overcome the challenges that have accompanied this precarious time. I thank everyone for your support to the Parish and to me. We will surely get through this. Please make arrangements and get your Vaccine if you have not. Our faith and trust in God will surely see us through. 
      As we know, many of us have been longing to come back to the Church and have been waiting for the time that the Church would be opened to the 100% capacity. The longer the wait for the restrictions to be lifted, the more the duration of the restrictions are extended. We can no longer predict how long this would last or when it would end. Hence, out of pastoral concern, we have decided to try having an open Mass at our Parish parking lot.
      As a result of that, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE OUR FIRST PARKING LOT MASS beginning this SUNDAY JUNE 6TH AT 10AM. We will not have the Zoom Mass as before. OUR PARKING LOT WOULD BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE ABOUT 70 VEHICLES and the Knights of the Round Table will be available to direct the vehicles. We are to park in every other space, leaving one parking space vacant at the side, thereby maintaining more than enough social distance required. Everyone will be required to stay in their vehicle, you can choose to roll up your glass, and in that case no mask is required. However, if you decide to roll down your window, you will be required to put on your mask. 
      The Mass will be transmitted through the FM RADIO AND THE FREQUENCY IS 90.50
      Thank you once again for your faithfulness to God and to the one true faith. In today’s first reading, God heard the cry and prayers of Tobit and Sarah and looked upon them with eyes of mercy and love. May God also hear your own prayers and grant you your heart’s desires, Amen (1Tobit 3:1-17)
      ( please share this information, there are many of our parishioners who do not have computers or go online)
      Devotedly yours,
      Fr. Cal






































































































































































      Kindly advise the pastor at least two months before the date of the celebration.


      Before the celebration of mass or by appointment at the rectory.


      The pastor would be pleased to meet those preparing for marriage at least one year before their marriage.


      We are always pleased to bring Holy Communion to the sick or the elderly.